Top Burglarly & Home Invasion Movies

Home Alone

Home Alone is classic 90's portrayal of haphazard burglary attempts. It stars Macaulay Culkin as a little boy named Kevin who believes his wish to have no family has come true when they accidentally leave him at home on a planned vacation trip. Kevin is left alone in his big home to fend off numerous attempted burglaries from two petty thieves, one being Danny Devito.

The film is remembered for Kevin's inventive domestic methods of household defense against the burglars ranging from broken christmas baubles to heated door knobs and floors covered with tar.

Panic Room

A burglary film focused on isolation starring Jodie Foster Panic Room plays on the psychological feeling of being trapped and pretty much defenseless from burglars. The film had Nicole Kidman in the lead role before an unfortunate injury meant she couldn't continue.

The film follows a mother and daughter who move into a large house with a panic room installed. The mother and daughter move in earlier than planned with 3 million dollars of bonds still contained in the panic room. This is unfortunate timing for both the new family and the burglars who think the property is empty.

What ensues in Panic Room is a game of cat and mouse between the burglars who wish to flush the mother and daughter out and them who wish to fend of the burglars and some how call for help.

Hostage (2005)

A film based on a failed robbery attempt with several layers of sub plots happening make this film rather intriguing even though it got slated by many critics. Sometimes trying to make a film out of a book is easier said than done with books having the freedom to be as elaborate and detailed as they wish.

This is also the case with Hostage with the film makers deciding to cut a key sub plot from the movie which would have arguably made it a success financially. Staying loyal to the Robert Crais book with a clear fan base is sometimes the wiser move than toning down a movie to try to appeal to too much of a mass audience. So the fact that the complex yet original West Coast Mafia subplot was removed was deeply regrettable.

Nevertheless we feel Bruce Willis did a good job as a lead role of a benevolent hostage negotiator caught in between a burglary, his family and a 'right wing' syndicate gang. It's still worth the watch in our opinion.

Entrapment (1999)

It's pretty much a remake of the Thomas Crown Affair as it borrows alot of elements from it including a love affair between investigator and burglar. Yet it's still very watchable as a thief film and has enough about it to consider it it's own film.

There is a clever game of cat and mouse going on throughout the film which has you guessing who works for who until the very end. This plays well throughout the film with the audience never really knowing who is setting who up at any of the burglary jobs.

To Catch a Thief (1955)

One of the old time black and white classic burglary movies by Alfred Hitchcock see's a master ex cat burglar hot on the heels of a new craft thief. The old timer John Robie is forced out of retirement due to the risk of being blamed and imprisoned for a new series of burglaries. He figures if anyone is going to catch the new thief it's him with the help of an insurance agent. To Catch a Thief has a romantic slant on burglary with John falling for the potential next victim of the cat burglar - Danielle.

Don't Breathe (2016)

Last but certainly not least is one of the most recent burglary movies happens to be my favourite. This movie is highly original in terms of it's cinematography and concept. The idea of three burglars finding themselves on the wrong end of the home owner they break into may at first feel like true justice, but those tables are eventually turned once they realise the handy veteran has more concealed than just a big stash of cash!

The film is shot in a dark atmosphere created by the thin corridors and rooms of a house positioned in an abandoned neighborhood. Each burglar is brutally attacked by the blind vet who seems more than comfortable with the fact that the intruders are armed and willing to do what it takes to rob his stash.

Family Guy: Road to the North Pole: Home Invasion

As part of the family guy Christmas special - 'The Road to the North Pole' when Stewy and Brian decide to take pitty on santa and deliver his presents they are hapless victims of their own good intentions. When the father of the house busts them snacking in the kitchen he isn't convinced that Brian and Stewy are truly doing santas work. This leads to their reluctant murder of the father with a baseball bat labelled for little Johny (who actually doesn't live in the house their in). It's a hilarious season of good will gone terribly wrong with a dose of dark humor that would rival the blood soaked game of Whack the Burglars -