Modern Day Robber Movies

The Town (2010)

Ben Affleck stars, writes, and directs “The Town”, a film about a crew of a bank job and how hard it can be to escape a life of crime. Being Affleck's second film to direct, it is easy to expect him to hit off the same notes as Gone Baby Gone (which was, not surprisingly, a crime drama as well), he does to a degree, but The Town is a lot more complex and more grand than his previous work, and shows that he can do more than just pull it off, he can actually impress. Full Review

Heat (1995)

Despite the fast paced growth of technology, the ever evolving social dynamics of society, and they way that the world just keeps on moving forward, it is impressive to see films whose message and delivery manage to stand the test of time. Michael Mann's crime movie, Heat is one such film. Starring an amazing cast headlined by Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, this movie hits all the key points of a good movie (acting, cinematography, screenwriting, and so forth), while also managing to keep its finger on the pulse of the viewers. Full Review

Inside Man (2006)

In Inside Man, Clive Owen plays a mysterious leader of a gang of thieves that manages to rob a major bank, stage a hostage crisis, and in the ensuing chaos, have an almost perfect plan for getting away. The best part of it all is that despite the elaborateness of everything, nothing seems to have been stolen. Now that may sound like we're already spoiling all the good stuff that Inside Man has to offer, but it's not. The movie has a lot more intriguing and wonderful twists leading up to the very end. And take our word for it: every single step in this highly elaborate setup is worth the reveal. Full Review